We at internetz.me started hosting a variety of websites over a decade ago. So far we worked mostly with agencies and companies that are used to manage a lot of website. Each of our clients had different needs. Over the years we manged to build a well tested Webcluster.
All our Webservers are hosted on a DDos Protected network, that can handle up to 500GBit/s of traffic. Our Webservers run in our custom build internetz.me cloud. Each of these virtual machines is hosted on a RAID disk system. This allows us to quickly react in case of emergencies, or when scaling is of need.
All our webservers are monitored and updated by staff members regularly, your webprojects and databases can be easily backed up with our backup software ( server sided backups ).

Why choose us?

We ourselves love building websites/projects and when starting out we discovered that none of the hosting companies out there matched our requirements. Most hosters out there, offer almost no modifications, may it be loading a simple php config, offering alternative php versions or other tools that are needed. If they do there usually a huge for those things. We on the other hand listen to your input and quickly find solutions, or write new solutions to solve your problems if needed.

If you want fair priced quality hosting with excellent support, you found the right spot

Domain registration?

We do not offer domain registration ourselves, most our clients come to us with already existing domains, and most of them buy domains directly from other registrars. If you need to find a cheap/reliable registar you can contact our support, and we will point you towards a proper registrar.
If you move to us and have an existing domain, just point your dns to ns1.internetz.me and ns2.internetz.me and open a ticket for an admin to help you configure your DNS.

Start your Project

Pick on of the plans below to get started, if you have a project that requires more power simply contact our staff for a custom plan. If your project gets a lot of traffic all of a sudden we can also help you easily migrate into your own VM, or onto your own dedicated server, or cluster of servers - it all depends on your needs.