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'Internetz.me specialises in Linux Administration, Programming and Virtualization. We built our own little Cloud, the ImeCloud. And we offer you a slot in our Cloud. We rent big, beefy servers and slice them up into KVMs (Kernel Based Virtual Machines). You can either rent dedicated or shared resources and install what you want.

You like Debian? So do we! We created our AnsibleDashboard, which allows you to run our AnsiblePlaybooks. These AnsiblePlaybooks contain Installation Routines to install the software you want. This allows you to create a Virtual Machine with a working Webserver with a few clicks.

DDos Protection.
This is accomplished by rerouting the attack traffic through a special scrubbing network. You do have access to the firewall through our dashboard, but you can always contact our staff to get you started.


Product Features

Highest Quality
Uptime over 99.999%
Clean & Simple
By professionals for professionals
Easy Customizable
Well documented
Experienced Staff
We have our own client software.
Managed Services
We take care of your applications.